Welcome to the Chicago Police Survivors


The Chicago Police Survivors are a group of current and retired Chicago Police Officers, who have been seriously injured or otherwise involved in traumatic incidents. When officers are the victims of, or otherwise involved in a shooting, stabbing, auto accident or other traumatic incident, members of the survivors reach out to the affected officer and offer support, empathy, and understanding. As police officers we see and experience the most horrific things imaginable. There is no shame in seeking help to process these sometimes overwhelming feelings of anxiety, fear, anger and hopelessness. The Police Survivors attempt to match a surviving officer, who has experienced the same type of incident as the affected officer, to provide unique personal insight to their critical incident and most importantly letting the affected officer know that they are not alone. All members of the Police Survivors are volunteers.





The long term objectives of the Police Survivor Group are to provide support and counsel to any police officer who is wounded in the line of duty. This would include visits by previously wounded officers and monthly meetings to provide group support for these people. We, as a group, will provide a sense of security, letting these officers know that they are not alone; that some of us have already walked the path that they are now on and that we will help in any way possible to make the journey a little easier. We will return to the scene of the crime with these officers as well and set up a court support network to let these officers know that they do not have to face an uncomfortable situation alone.

We welcome any Chicago Police Department Officer who has been seriously injured - physically or emotionally, in the line of duty through a traumatic incident. This will provide a chance to meet on common ground to share and discuss experiences as well as develop ideas that will benefit future wounded police officers.

For more information or to seek assistance, please contact:

James W. Gochee @ (312) 848-9141
Kenneth J. Malkowski @ (312) 848-9706
Matt Koman  @ (312) 848-9288


Board Meetings

Every 3rd Thursday of the Month
Time: 10:00 a.m
Location:Chicago Police Memorial Foundation
1407 W. Washington Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60607