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Supporting the Chicago Police Survivors benefits those current and retired Chicago Police Officers, who have been seriously injured or otherwise involved in traumatic incidents, but thankfully survived. Your contribution matters and is greatly appreciated. Thank you for contribution & support! 

Your Support Will Help Provide: 

  1. Visits to recovering officers by other officers who have already experienced the same or similar type of RuntoRemmeber.jpgsituations/injuries;
  2. Monthly meetings to discuss experiences and develop new ideas that would
    benefit future affected police officers;
  3. Group support available to any officer who wishes to return to the scene of the incident;
  4. Group support to attend court proceedings with an officer -  You do not have to face an uncomfortable situation alone;
  5. Visits to a training academy to educate officers regarding the importance of mental health and well-being within the police department;
  6. Financial assistance is available for officers who are experiencing a monetary hardship after their critical incident.

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